Custom taxidermy is our specialty. We have produced many such pieces over the years and always look forward to the next custom project. This page is designed to familiarize you with some of the options.

Wall pedestal Shoulder Mounts - These mounts are created from a simple shoulder mount and incorporate the full front shoulder parallel to the wall as opposed to perpendicular from it. Hanging from the wall, the neck position swings out into the room giving the appearance of the animal turning to look. At the point where the shoulder ends, the "scoop" is created behind the shoulder. This area behind the shoulder is designed to enhance the look of the animal and can be covered in felt, leather, or our specialy…realistic rock or stone!

Full Pedestal Mounts - Pedestal mounts define taxidermy as an artform. The creativity produced in these pieces can only be limited in the mind. Pedestal mounts are a full shoulder mount attached to a base. These mounts can then further be defined as table top pedestals or floor pedestal.

Table top pedestals will generally involve the full shoulder mount as well as a base which is designed to be displayed on a table or other horizontal surface. The base can be covered in habitat representative of the area in which it was harvested or possibly an abstract version of something else. Again, imagination is the only limitation.


Floor Pedestals are even more creative and have virtually no boundaries. The main difference is that these are created to stand alone and to occupy their own space. These mounts can be attached to a custom cabinet style base, as seen below, or something completely different.

Custom pedestal mounts can also be created for any trophy including birds. Below is a couple of custom bird mounts that were recently produced and entered in the Texas State Taxidermy Competition.


Habitat is the term used to describe what we call the real and artificial plantlife, rock, stone, dirt, mud, etc. that we create to include with your trophy. We feel, that if done correctly, habitat can greatly enhance the visual appeal of most creations.

Below are some pictures of some custom cabinet style bases.

If you would like to have a one of a kind custom trophy created, plan on spending some time with us at the shop or on the phone. We are happy to create your vision or to share with you some of our ideas.

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